National Stadium demolished by October?

Sg Sports Hub

Demolition of the National Stadium will begin by October 2010, and so it seems that the new Sports Hub will finally be constructed! This means that our documentary film Kwa Giu can finally be released. However, this thing has been delayed for a few years now, so we won’t believe it until we see the bulldozers dig in.

Meanwhile, the exciting U15 Singapore Cubs have won the YOG Football Bronze, with flair. A new chapter for Singapore football?

Zo Gang National Day screening

Zo Gang will screen at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 6-8 Aug 2010, at various times between music sets.

6th Aug – 8.15pm after A Vacant Affair‘s set
Sunshine Singapore 7 min, Zo Gang 9 min

7th Aug11pm after The Mysterians
Sunshine Singapore 7 min,
Zo Gang 9 min

8th Aug –  11pm after Terry Mortimer & Peter Diaz
Sunshine Singapore 7 min, Zo Gang 9 min
Forever Fever 95 mins

Click here for the full film lineup,  and band lineup. It’s indie-pendence day!