Homeground World Premiere

Dear friends, it’s official! Our new film, Homeground, will launch at *SCAPE Orchard Road on 24 Oct 2015! Tickets are free, register now in case they run out:

*Scape Orchard, The Gallery L5
24 Oct 2015, Sat 12pm – 1:30pm

12pm: Doors open
Mini football games
Light refreshments
Q&A with filmmaker, Jacen Tan

Homeground is supported by the POSB Storytellers Grant. Event partner for the screening is *SCAPE.

Hope to see you there! We are celebrating 10 years of Tak Giu too!

What is Homeground?


Homeground (23 mins, documentary) is a love letter to playing spaces we call home.

Singapore is a football nation. Every weekend, thousands of amateur players, from schoolboys to office executives to retirees, gather to play the Beautiful Game. Not for glory, not for fame; but for passion, football and friendship. This spirit is forged in the neighbourhoods; void decks, street soccer courts, open fields or any patch of grass. All across Singapore, footballers have a place they call their ‘Homeground’.

Football can be played anywhere, and our neighbourhoods are Singapore’s playground. A baby first learns to kick a plastic ball in a HDB flat. A primary school boy forms a football team in his void deck. An aspiring national player scores his first goal for his school on a neighbourhood school field. These weekend warriors show us where they play, and how they play. Concrete, sand, grass or artificial grass. Two sticks, bottles, shoes, or even school bags can make a goalpost.

Homeground is a tribute to the weekend warriors and the playing spaces close to our hearts.

Stay updated for the premiere of Homeground in Oct 2015!

Going gaga over football fields


I have spent the past 2 months going around Singapore, hunting for weekend warriors and finding the best spots where Singaporeans play football. While making this project, I had to miss some usual soccer games, which further gave me an itchy leg since I had to film all these people playing what I love most: football! We are in post production now, finally I have some football action myself!

Head to the official Homeground Facebook page for the latest updates.

New film 2015: Homeground


I’m making a new short film: HOMEGROUND. Homeground is a film about playing spaces in Singapore, and a tribute to the weekend warriors who play football in the void decks, street soccer courts, open fields or any patch of grass in our neighbourhoods. Since it’s the 10 year anniversary of Tak Giu, it’s the perfect time to do this! More details soon, keep in touch at www.facebook.com/homegroundfilm

Tak Giu DVDR spotted at Substation

Tak Giu

Spot the TAK GIU dvd? For his latest exhibition, artist Kent Chan watched all the 700 films shown under The Substation’s Moving Images programme in the last 15 years. Glad he survived! =)

Sindie says: Almost every film submission to that came to the Substation over the last 10 years arrived in humble copy DVDs with handwritten labels. Here are 9 local titles that came in the same humble packaging but shone brighter than the gleam on the silver or bronze finishing of the DVDs. In another 10 years, we may see them in the museum.

Read here for an interview about the exhibition ‘Temporary Repositories’. Tak Giu (Kick Ball) can be watched online, or buy the Hosaywood DVD to support us.

New short film: Singapore fans @ AFF Cup 2012

Singapore are the champions of the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup! It’s been a while since the 2007 victory where Kwa Giu (Watch Football), a tribute to the old National Stadium was filmed.

Since then, a new breed of fans have emerged: Young, passionate and energetic. They stand and sing throughout the whole match. They wave their scarves in choreographed movements. They form a giant Singapore flag with their placards (called a ‘tifo’). They have a chant for every player.

Other passive fans might say they are ‘sibeh die hard’ or even complain that they are blocking their view. But to me, this is what being a football fan is about. Cheering for the team regardless of win, lose or draw.

Hence Hosaywood’s new project: a mini short film documenting this new football culture, shot in Kwa Giu style. We hope this level of support will spread bigger and wider in Singapore, reaching the fervent atmosphere of European and South American stadiums. Watch out for this film soon. Majulah!

SIFF 2011 Tak Giu review: The Perfect Field

A writeup on SINdie about local filmmakers’ first films… reviewing Tak Giu:

” The warning sign of a man kicking football at a void deck is interpreted instead as the prohibition of kicking any ball at a certain angle just as the man is drawn. It’s a ludicrous interpretation far from reality, but when this huge gap is bridged towards the ending of the film when the boys find their perfect field with the same sign without its prohibitive red lines, it’s a golden and important moment.

We laugh hard at this final happy end, because we hardly expect things to be such…”

Read the full article here. Tak Giu is now available on the Hosaywood DVD.

Singapore Short Film Awards 2011 + Poster Exhibition

The 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards happens this week Feb 28 to March 6 2011 at The Substation, Singapore.

An entire week of short film screenings showcasing all Sg shorts made in 2010. Admission by donation, see here for details.
There will also be Singapore’s first film poster exhibition held at the ground floor of Substation!

You may also view the posters online and vote for your fav, including our TAK GIU and KWA GIU posters here.

“I once told a friend I wanted to put up an exhibition of about 100 posters of Singapore films over the last 5 years perhaps. The first thing she said was Singapore got so many films meh?’’
– Jeremy Sing, organiser and founder of SINdieonly