New short film: Singapore fans @ AFF Cup 2012

Singapore are the champions of the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup! It’s been a while since the 2007 victory where Kwa Giu (Watch Football), a tribute to the old National Stadium was filmed.

Since then, a new breed of fans have emerged: Young, passionate and energetic. They stand and sing throughout the whole match. They wave their scarves in choreographed movements. They form a giant Singapore flag with their placards (called a ‘tifo’). They have a chant for every player.

Other passive fans might say they are ‘sibeh die hard’ or even complain that they are blocking their view. But to me, this is what being a football fan is about. Cheering for the team regardless of win, lose or draw.

Hence Hosaywood’s new project: a mini short film documenting this new football culture, shot in Kwa Giu style. We hope this level of support will spread bigger and wider in Singapore, reaching the fervent atmosphere of European and South American stadiums. Watch out for this film soon. Majulah!