Zombiepura is my first feature film, which premiered in Oct 2018 at Scream Asia Film Festival as the opening film. It was released in cinemas in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and acquired by Korea’s Contents Panda, the producer of Train to Busan.

Zombiepura was the No.1 movie on iTunes Singapore, and then premiered on Netflix South Korea. The film also travelled to festivals like New York Asian Film Festival 2019 and Asean Cinema Week 2019. It screened in cinemas in Korea and Japan in Nov 2019.

Japan poster
Korea poster


Production still from set, showcasing 4 of the cast.

Horror / Comedy – 83 mins
In Mandarin, English and dialect
When a mysterious virus breaks out in an isolated army camp, a lazy reservist soldier and his tough commander must fight together to survive, and learn what it means to be real soldiers.

I first came up with the concept around 2011. The movie is inspired by my personal experiences from serving in the army. I’ve always wondered, what would happen if zombies attacked an army camp? The result: A perfect recipe for a zombie comedy starring my favourite actors Alaric and Benjamin Heng! 🙂

I approached Alaric and Benjamin in 2011, they were so interested in the project that not only did they agree to act in it, they came onboard to be producers. Long story short: Together, we went through a 7 year journey of knocking-on-doors, rejection, more knocking-on-doors, and finally we got financing in place to shoot our movie in Jan 2018!

Yes it happened! Cast and crew on the last day of Zombiepura shoot, Jan 2018

I’m so excited to share the film with you. Read updates about Zombiepura here and on Facebook.

Stream Zombiepura now on iTunes, Cathay CineHome or Netflix South Korea. It is also on Fox Plus.