Sold out – 4th Singapore Short Cuts Opening Week

All tickets for this Saturday’s opening week of the 4th Singapore Short Cuts have been snapped up. For those who couldn’t get the tix, maybe try showing up on Saturday and they might let you in if there’re empty seats =)

Zo Gang

Meanwhile, here’s what some websites have been saying about Zo Gang:
“… Jacen Tan’s “Zo Gang” adds to his collection of 2-hokkien-syllabus short films. Without any big flourishing camera antics, the simple narrative allows the essence of the filmmaker to come through. And isn’t that what short films are about anyway? The message, the essence, the moment.”
“…Accurately portraying the local filmmakers and musicians’ woes in the most amusing manner. For anyone who dabbles in filmmaking before, Go Work will stick close to heart.”
“…Jacen Tan’s Zo Gang (Go work), starring an Ah-Beng looking protagonist who turns out to be more than he appears to be (putting an unexpected twist to the end), is just as entertaining. His constant whining, weird interpretation and frustration of local film and music, together with a slurring voice and droopy eyes, completes the short film in conveying the director’s statement of “speaking out on issues that were running through [his] mind”.

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