Hwa Chong Humanities Seminar 08

Hwa Chong

What were Hosaywood films doing at a literature seminar? I initially had no idea too. Turns out, it’s really interesting what students are learning in their curriculum these days. Maybe one day, ‘Wah lau eh!’ instead of ‘Thou art something something’ will be in the textbooks =)

The students (from different schools) responded well to Zo Gang & Tak Giu, great to see them ask enthusiastic questions.
Thanks, if you were there and enjoyed the films.


  1. Future School's Sec 4N Students

    Mrs Laura Ng: “Your films are very inspiring and close to our hearts. I have asked my students as a class to type some of their feelings and thoughts here.”

    YYY: “The message of the films are very simple yet very amusing – it is my pleasure to have had been able to have seen them during the event that occured yesterday; I look forward to enjoying more of your pieces in time to come.”

    Bing: “ho sei liao la”

    LKY: “I love your films! <3”

    Xu Kunkun: “VERY NICE. I LIKE!”

    Joe & I: “I think your films are great”

    Zacky Obama Ironman: “Vundaba!”

    Wilford: “Good Job. Haha (: Do a film on chio bu please ^^”

    Weiqi: “I think your films are extremely well directed and I totally enjoyed them”

    Andre: “can you teach me please, please please i want to make pro wuliao films too”

    Benjy: “your films jin hou kua!”

    Hubert: “jin hou kun!”

  2. Thong

    lol tinky, thong here
    though that it was rather nice, the seminar was great, doing reflections now to get my literature ace XD

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