Update: Hosaywood in 2009

Thanks for visiting this site and checking out Hosaywood films. Here’s whats to come in 2009:

1. Rudra music video ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’
– In production now, due mid-2009.
Shot in HD and using green-screen special effects, this exciting music video contains epic battle scenes inspired by the ancient Battle of Kurukshetra.

2. Kwa Giu (Watch Football) – Premieres in 2009
Watch out for news of this highly anticipated experimental documentary about the Kallang Roar.

3. Zo Hee (Make Movie) – Premiering online in 2009

Beginner’s guide to local film

There are many ways to watch short films and get involved with short filmmaking! From regular public screenings, workshops, and DVDs on sale, have your fill of local short films all year round from these champions of the Singapore film community.

Find out more about local film here. (Thanks to Kristin Saw, SFC)

Hosaywood Singapore Tour

It’s a busy month for Hosaywood, as we present our films at various events:

12 July – 5th Singapore Short Cuts, National Museum (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
14 July – Hwa Chong Humanities Literature Seminar (Tak Giu + Zo Gang)
18 July – nuSTUDIOS Film Camp (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
19 July – RSC Block Party @ Sinema Old School (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
25 & 26 July – Unconference @ Substation, Singapore Night Festival (Zo Gang)

See you there!