Hosaywood Singapore Tour

It’s a busy month for Hosaywood, as we present our films at various events:

12 July – 5th Singapore Short Cuts, National Museum (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
14 July – Hwa Chong Humanities Literature Seminar (Tak Giu + Zo Gang)
18 July – nuSTUDIOS Film Camp (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
19 July – RSC Block Party @ Sinema Old School (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
25 & 26 July – Unconference @ Substation, Singapore Night Festival (Zo Gang)

See you there!


‘Tora’! was a snack very popular in the 80s/early 90s. I remember looking forward to the secret toy inside the box, and the nice biscuit-centered chocolates.

Nowadays it’s still around! But it’s overpriced, and the chocolates taste like poo…

Hosay lah!

This little Hosaywood ‘commercial’ sees people from all over the world saying “Hosay lah!” ‘Hosay’ = ‘Good’ in Singlish. Enjoy!

21st Singapore International Film Festival


The 21st Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) kicks off next week, with many exciting films screening. SIFF has managed to pull together a show with limited funding. I wonder why the authorities can spend millions on something that few people can appreciate (Singapore Biennale, huh), but not support a film festival? (Most Singaporeans watch movies)

Read filmmaker Tan Pin Pin’s interesting blog on SIFF.

Zero Sequence

Spent the last few weeks working on the album artwork for Zero Sequence:

Zero Sequence Album Cover

Zero Sequence is a local progressive-rock/metal band. Listen to their awesome album samples here. Their members have also helped out as cast/crew on Hosaywood short films.

The album launch is at The Esplanade, 5th & 6th April 730pm.
Can’t wait to see the final product!


Remember this?
Fas Album ‘94

I’m Fandi, and here’s the score
The captain in ’94
We’re jamming and that’s for sure
Cos’ we are the Lions of Singapore!

Many soccer fans will be familiar with the songs in this CD released by FAS in 1994. Here’s a bit of trivia: The poster of this album is seen in Zo Gang. Can you spot it?

Meanwhile, in the World Cup 2010 qualifiers, Singapore will be facing Lebanon on 26 April at the National Stadium (still don’t wanna close ah?). Go Lions go!

Beginner’s guide to Singapore local music

Many friends I met have mentioned that they wish to get into local music or film, but don’t know how to. Where should a newbie start? I feel that it will be a good idea to introduce some local bands with reference to foreign acts:

1. Pop/Rock
Love bands like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand or Coldplay? Singapore’s very own Electrico and The Great Spy Experiment will leave you in no doubt that we can match the hippiest bands in the world! Shirlyn Tan has also been making waves as a singer-songwriter.

2. Alternative
Radiohead gave their music away for free, but you need to buy The Observatory and B-quartet cds. In my opinion the most innovative bands in Singapore!

3. Punk
Nofx and Mxpx fly the flag worldwide, but The Suns, Plain Sunset and Force Vomit are our local punk-rock heroes.

4. Metal
Are you a headbanger like me who worships Slayer and Dimmu Borgir? Kneel before the blackened altar of Rudra, Impiety and Meza Virs!

5. Alternative Metal

Tool and Deftones rose from the nu-metal period, and here Lunarin push the boundaries of grunge art-rock.

6. Progressive

Dream Theater fans love a bit of everything, so they should check out the highly talented Zero Sequence!

7. Post-rock/experimental
Sigur-ros and Mogwai may be kings, but on our shores I Am David Sparkle and Documentary In Amber provide the cutting edge.

8. Local music websites
There’re tons of ‘underground’ websites about local music and film, but whether a newcomer can find them, is another thing.

Soft.com.sg – This is THE site for local music. Get info about bands, gigs. Almost the whole local music community here!

Aging Youth – Read interesting interviews, reviews about local bands.

Channel V Amp is a regional portal where many bands post their songs and profiles. Songs here stream faster than from Myspace!

9. Gigs/Shows
There are local gigs happening almost every weekend nowadays. Check out the Soft forum under ‘Gigs and Concerts’. Timbre Bar/Cafe at Armenian Street features local musicians daily.

The Esplanade has free outdoor shows every weekend. Also, the annual Baybeats, the most happening local indie festival, happens around August at The Esplanade!

10. Magazines
Junk is an indie magazine from KL, and is dedicated to SEA music, including many Singapore bands! Junk comes monthly with a free CD and can be found in major bookstores and newstands.

11. Radio
On radio, 98.7fm has a local music program ‘Home’ on Saturdays, 7-8pm. Unpopular Radio and Rampage on the Airwaves have been faithfully podcasting sounds from our shores.

12. Stores
Some of the bands mentioned have their cds stocked in major stores like HMV and Grammaphone. Otherwise, Earshot Cafe at The Arts House and Roxy Music (#02-15 Excelsior Shopping Centre) stock all the local cds you need. Straits Records and Inokki (#03-30 Far East Plaza) also have good selections. Alternatively, email the bands you like and order cds from them!

Note: The above is not a definitive guide to the scene. This is just a general overview of the local music scene, for people to get started with. Most of the bands above belong to the rock spectrum, which I’m more familiar with. Heck, the genres above may be inaccurate too. There are many many other bands, websites and genres in Singapore. Feel free to go discover!

Look out for the 2nd part of this series, Beginner’s Guide to Singapore Local Film.

Making films, the Hosaywood way!

Here’s an article written for Sinema.sg awhile back:

People often ask me: “What was your budget for making Tak Giu?”

I’m not embarrassed to say: “Erm, actually I made it with no money.”

Yes, that’s true; you don’t really need money to make a short film. Many budding filmmakers often think they are faced with budget constraints, but let me share with you:

How to make your first short film without much money and show it to 100,000 people