World Premiere of ’Zo Hee’ – 7 Dec 2007, 8pm @ Substation

Zo Hee premiered at The Substation in 7 Dec 2007. Zo Hee (Make Movie), the sequel to Zo Gang, is currently screening in film festivals and events. Watch out for upcoming screenings in the news section.

Zo Hee (Make Movie) will premiere at Substation Theatre, 7 Dec 2007 at 8pm! It will be screened back-to-back with its prequel, Zo Gang.

Follow Ah-Tan as he continues his journey to make his first film. This 14min comedy also features special cameo appearances by local film personalities (surprise surprise).
The screening is part of Substation Moving Images’ 10 Anniversary celebrations, 7-10 Dec. We’ll also have a flea market stall selling Hosaywood T-shirts, so see you there.

Read more about the event here.

Ah-Tan: Filmmaking is a headache!


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