Kwa Giu (Watch Football) trailer

Experience the Kallang Roar from the eyes of 55,000 fans who packed the National Stadium at the AFC Cup Final on 31 Jan 2007.

Shot with roving camcorders, Kwa Giu (Watch Football) takes you right into the heart of the legendary atmosphere and spirit of the Kallang Roar, one which will be lost forever when the National Stadium is demolished.

Coming soon… when the stadium finally closes!


  1. Jeremy Sing

    Hey Jacen,
    I am sorry i have not kept up with things recently cos i have been shooting my own stuff. Is Kwa Giu your recently completed film? Is it officially screened already? Wondering if i could post something on your production process.


  2. Daniel

    will be screened after the stadium closes? haha, 1 burning question is: WHEN WILL IT EVER CLOSE?!?!?! haha oh well, its been more than a year since it’s official closure isn’t it?

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