Members of Hosaywood: Li Ruihui

Li Ruihui is another unsung hero behind Hosaywood films, having been involved since the first film Tak Giu. He helps out on set and co-writes some scripts, including the important expressway scene in Tak Giu. Ruihui also admits he looks like Wally from Where’s Wally!

Introduce youself!
27m….the number is variable, the aphabet is a constant.

Day Job?
Assistant Treasury Executive

Interests and hobbies?
Sleep ,eat, play dota…… not necessary in that order

Favorite films and music? Which inspire you?
Band of Brothers. Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk down, Prisonbreak. Fav Music: Lady Gaga. All are very inspirational.

How did you get involved in Hosaywood productions?
Jacen is an old friend and asked me to help

Which part of Tak Giu did you help out in?
Helping to look for location and suggest ideas for the story

How was the process to help write the script for Zo Peng?
Very tough. Forgot how to write chinese words!

What do you like about film productions? How were your experiences on set?
Films productions are lot of hard work. But very interesting to see people acting and filming upclose. My role is to help carry things around..

You also ‘calefare’ in many scenes. What do you think of your ‘Where’s Wally’ moments?

Some are born to be actor, some are born to be calefare, I am born to be Wally.

So, why do you think you look like Wally?
Skinny and bespectacled. But I recently got lasik.

Tell us what you are doing nowadays?
The same things I do everyday.
Interviewed by Cyan.

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