The Man Who Can’t Smile – NEW FILM!

World premiere: My new short film is now online!

The Man Who Can’t Smile: A man with a sad face is often misunderstood by others in his daily life. He undergoes a surgery to give himself a permanent smile. This is a whimsical silent film accompanied by orchestral music.

It’s been a great journey making this film with Viddsee, and my cast and crew from Zombiepura, and new friends who have joined our team. Watch it now on YouTube (above), FB or Viddsee.

Director’s statement: This film is inspired by my ‘resting b*tch face’. When I was younger, I didn’t smile so much. People often thought that I was sad, tired, or unapproachable. I soon realised that it could have been my face. I thought, what if I had a permanent smiley face?

As I developed the story, I found out that there are people with a rare condition known as Moebius Syndrome. They can’t control their facial muscles and have a real inability to smile. This film is a metaphor for people who face struggles fitting into society.

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