Zo Gang online now!

(New High Quality version, 2009)

Zo Gang (Go Work)

Film-maker wannabe, Ah-Tan is sick of his day job. Join Ah-Tan on his way to work one day, as he discusses and pokes fun at local film and music, while plotting his path to become Singapore’s next great director.

This comedy on the difficulties of making film and music will leave you wondering about the state of the Arts in Singapore!

(9mins/Singlish w English Subtitles)
Starring: Wesley Wong
Special appearances by: Patrick Chng (Oddfellows), Linda Ong (Lunarin)

Zo Gang has a sequel, called Zo Hee (Make Movie).


January 07 – Stasis 9 at Arts House
March 07 – Official premiere at Timbre, by Sinema.sg
April 07 – First Take at Substation
May 07 – Urban Nomad Film Festival at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan
June 07 – Scope art fair in Switzerland
July 07 – Talking Sinema at Temasek Polytechnic
August 07 – Busho Filmfest Hungary. Singapore Short Cuts @ National Museum
September 07 – 3rd International Detmold Film Festival, Germany. ROJAK09 by Farm.sg
November 07 – 10 by 10 Short Film Screenings, Orchard Library. PROJECT: slingSHORT, London
December 07 – Moving Images 10th Anniversary celebrations & Best of First Take, Substation.
January 08 – Asian Hot Shots Berlin
April 08 – Toronto Singapore Film Festival
12 July 08 – 5th Singapore Short Cuts, National Museum
14 July 08 – Hwa Chong Humanities Literature Seminar
18 July 08 – nuSTUDIOS Film Camp
19 July 08 – RSC Block Party @ Sinema Old School
25 & 26 July 08 – Unconference @ Substation, Singapore Night Festival

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  1. Ricki Martini

    Great and very novel. I think U have great potential and look forward to supporting your works. Just dont give up!

  2. KH

    DJ Ah Wei (Radio 1003) recommended ur website and so here I am… “Zo Gang” is a decent attempt and I look forward to more of your works! Cheers to local productions πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    Hahaha! I actually laughed out loud a few times while watching. It’s a pretty good 9 minute film. I wish you luck. We have to support local… stuff. πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous

    Hiii, the video clip’s very clear. May I know what camcorder are you using?? coz currently I planning to buy one for my own documentation. Thanks!

  5. Raihan

    That was incredible Jacen. Congratulations on making such a candid, witty and poignant film. I cannot be there at the 5th Singapore Short Cuts to watch your latest as I am not in Singapore but I just want to say how incredibly talented you are. My short film is showing on the same day and I hope you enjoy it too. Hope this leads to bigger and better things.

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