Celebrate Drama 2008 and Cineodeon

Celebrate Drama

Zo Gang + Zo Hee will be rocking Celebrate Drama 2008 at the Arts House, as part of its short film programme.
Check out ticketing and screening details on 16 & 17 Aug here.

Zo Gang will also be screened at the following schools under the Cineodeon showcase.
15 Aug 08 – 245pm, Meridian Junior College
18 Aug 08 – 2pm, Hwa Chong Institution

Cineodeon 2008


Cineodeon is a youth-led cinema chain showcasing films from the Asian Film Archive Collection. Students learn how to programme and manage a film screening, appraise and critique a film, under the guidance of industry professionals and the Asian Film Archive.

This year, Zo Gang is included in the film line-up. Learn more about Cineodeon here.

Beginner’s guide to local film

There are many ways to watch short films and get involved with short filmmaking! From regular public screenings, workshops, and DVDs on sale, have your fill of local short films all year round from these champions of the Singapore film community.

Find out more about local film here. (Thanks to Kristin Saw, SFC)

Singapore vs Brazil

Singapore vs Brazil Olympics Team, National Stadium 29 July 2008

We went to another ‘last’ match. This time, some people payed $120 and Ronaldinho played.

Watch Football

Here’s another Kwa Giu sneak peak:
Kwa Giu4in1

Some have confused Kwa Giu with other films about local football. The official title for Hosaywood’s production is ‘Kwa Giu’ (Watch Football), there is no ‘Kallang’ in the name.
There’s another exciting film opening in August called Kallang Roar The Movie.
Last year, there was also a documentary called The Kallang Wave. Do check the other films out!

Hwa Chong Humanities Seminar 08

Hwa Chong

What were Hosaywood films doing at a literature seminar? I initially had no idea too. Turns out, it’s really interesting what students are learning in their curriculum these days. Maybe one day, ‘Wah lau eh!’ instead of ‘Thou art something something’ will be in the textbooks =)

The students (from different schools) responded well to Zo Gang & Tak Giu, great to see them ask enthusiastic questions.
Thanks, if you were there and enjoyed the films.

Hosaywood Singapore Tour

It’s a busy month for Hosaywood, as we present our films at various events:

12 July – 5th Singapore Short Cuts, National Museum (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
14 July – Hwa Chong Humanities Literature Seminar (Tak Giu + Zo Gang)
18 July – nuSTUDIOS Film Camp (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
19 July – RSC Block Party @ Sinema Old School (Zo Gang + Zo Hee)
25 & 26 July – Unconference @ Substation, Singapore Night Festival (Zo Gang)

See you there!