Update: Hosaywood in 2009

Thanks for visiting this site and checking out Hosaywood films. Here’s whats to come in 2009:

1. Rudra music video ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’
– In production now, due mid-2009.
Shot in HD and using green-screen special effects, this exciting music video contains epic battle scenes inspired by the ancient Battle of Kurukshetra.

2. Kwa Giu (Watch Football) – Premieres in 2009
Watch out for news of this highly anticipated experimental documentary about the Kallang Roar.

3. Zo Hee (Make Movie) – Premiering online in 2009

Kwa Giu at SINdie

A brand new interview about Kwa Giu can be found at SINdie, a Singapore indie film blog.

SINdie: You always have a very natural sense of humour in all your films. Is it the same here?
Hosaywood: Try la haha. In fact, there’s already a natural humour at a game.

Read all about it here.