21st Singapore International Film Festival


The 21st Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) kicks off next week, with many exciting films screening. SIFF has managed to pull together a show with limited funding. I wonder why the authorities can spend millions on something that few people can appreciate (Singapore Biennale, huh), but not support a film festival? (Most Singaporeans watch movies)

Read filmmaker Tan Pin Pin’s interesting blog on SIFF.

Zero Sequence

Spent the last few weeks working on the album artwork for Zero Sequence:

Zero Sequence Album Cover

Zero Sequence is a local progressive-rock/metal band. Listen to their awesome album samples here. Their members have also helped out as cast/crew on Hosaywood short films.

The album launch is at The Esplanade, 5th & 6th April 730pm.
Can’t wait to see the final product!

Sinema Showoff

Zo Gang was screened last Monday at Sinema Showoff, with the premiere of the exclusive Zo Gang Blooper Reel. Be warned, it might be funnier than the film itself!


Jeremy Sing (Director of The Girl in the Red Sarong) spotted something interesting in Zo Gang:
“…Boy (young man) walks across basketball court to place something that looks like a jacket on the ground, all that while Merlion Tan was talking to the camera.”

Read it here on his blog and also on Sinema.

The screening was attended by less than 20 people though. Do come down for the repeated sessions on Mar 17, 24, 31. Entry is free, with other great films on show!


Remember this?
Fas Album ‘94

I’m Fandi, and here’s the score
The captain in ’94
We’re jamming and that’s for sure
Cos’ we are the Lions of Singapore!

Many soccer fans will be familiar with the songs in this CD released by FAS in 1994. Here’s a bit of trivia: The poster of this album is seen in Zo Gang. Can you spot it?

Meanwhile, in the World Cup 2010 qualifiers, Singapore will be facing Lebanon on 26 April at the National Stadium (still don’t wanna close ah?). Go Lions go!

Hosay Beer

Most people won’t know that there were props created for Zo Peng:

Hosay beer

Our crew Aaron even created Beer Hosay with customized labels. But damn, you wouldn’t notice the design since the whole film was a wide shot scene! Anyway, it goes to show how detailed we are =P

Silverpiece behind-the-scenes

It’s been almost 2 years since we shot the music video for Lunarin – Silverpiece. And yea, it was done in my living room:

Silverpiece set

Given the constraints, I was quite happy the way it turned out. There’s always room for learning and improvement.