In times of financial crisis…

Find out how to make lo-budget films! Join us at the The Other Side presents… Jacen Tan. There will be a screening of Hosaywood films including Tak Giu, Zo Gang + Zo Hee, and a talk.

Date: 4pm – 6pm, Saturday 29 November 2008.
Location: The Other Side, 66 Rowell Road Singapore 207439

Free admission. Limited space so do register at or call 91813142.


Kwa Giu at SINdie

A brand new interview about Kwa Giu can be found at SINdie, a Singapore indie film blog.

SINdie: You always have a very natural sense of humour in all your films. Is it the same here?
Hosaywood: Try la haha. In fact, there’s already a natural humour at a game.

Read all about it here.


Announcing Rudra music video

Hosaywood will film Singapore metal veterans RUDRA’s new music video, ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’. Founders of ‘Vedic Metal’, Rudra‘s unique fusion of Indian traditional music and extreme metal has won them critical acclaim worldwide. The track is taken from their upcoming album, to be released with the video in early 2009.