Rudra sneak 3

In post-production, Rudra’s music video ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’ is based on The Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit Hindu scripture.

Before the start of the climactic battle at Kurukshetra, Pandava prince Arjuna is filled with doubt on the battlefield. Realizing that his enemies are his own relatives, beloved friends and revered teachers, he turns to his charioteer and guide, Krishna, for advice.

Update: Hosaywood in 2009

Thanks for visiting this site and checking out Hosaywood films. Here’s whats to come in 2009:

1. Rudra music video ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’
– In production now, due mid-2009.
Shot in HD and using green-screen special effects, this exciting music video contains epic battle scenes inspired by the ancient Battle of Kurukshetra.

2. Kwa Giu (Watch Football) – Premieres in 2009
Watch out for news of this highly anticipated experimental documentary about the Kallang Roar.

3. Zo Hee (Make Movie) – Premiering online in 2009