New Zo Gang (High Quality) uploaded

We have uploaded a new, high quality version of Zo Gang. (The old one had issues) Here’s your chance to watch it again, and since it’s BIGGER you might laugh LOUDER!

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Zo Peng screening @ Sinema National Day Showoff

Zo Peng (Go Army) screens at Sinema Showoff! National Day Special, together with some great films. If you haven’t visited the swanky indie cinema at Mt Sophia yet, here’s your chance… admission is free!

August 11, 2009 – 9:00 pm
August 18, 2009 – 9:00 pm
August 25, 2009 – 7:30 pm

More details here.

Members of Hosaywood: Li Ruihui

Li Ruihui is another unsung hero behind Hosaywood films, having been involved since the first film Tak Giu. He helps out on set and co-writes some scripts, including the important expressway scene in Tak Giu. Ruihui also admits he looks like Wally from Where’s Wally!

Introduce youself!
27m….the number is variable, the aphabet is a constant.

Day Job?
Assistant Treasury Executive

Interests and hobbies?
Sleep ,eat, play dota…… not necessary in that order

Favorite films and music? Which inspire you?
Band of Brothers. Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk down, Prisonbreak. Fav Music: Lady Gaga. All are very inspirational.

How did you get involved in Hosaywood productions?
Jacen is an old friend and asked me to help

Which part of Tak Giu did you help out in?
Helping to look for location and suggest ideas for the story

How was the process to help write the script for Zo Peng?
Very tough. Forgot how to write chinese words!

What do you like about film productions? How were your experiences on set?
Films productions are lot of hard work. But very interesting to see people acting and filming upclose. My role is to help carry things around..

You also ‘calefare’ in many scenes. What do you think of your ‘Where’s Wally’ moments?

Some are born to be actor, some are born to be calefare, I am born to be Wally.

So, why do you think you look like Wally?
Skinny and bespectacled. But I recently got lasik.

Tell us what you are doing nowadays?
The same things I do everyday.
Interviewed by Cyan.

National stadium still standing, KWA GIU release delayed

National Stadium
Watch the Kwa Giu (Watch Football) trailer here.


More than 2 years after the much publicized and expensive closing down ceremony of the National Stadium, it is still standing.

Plans for the destruction of the Lao Zhar Bor (Grand Old Lady, in Hokkien) to make way for a new ‘sports hub’ have been delayed for the umpteenth time, yet again. And again.

The latest reason? English football giants Liverpool will be coming to earn our money in July 2009 via a friendly match.

Back in 2007, filmsmaker Jacen Tan decided to document the atmosphere of the Kallang Roar, before it was “lost forever”. He shot a 30 minute film, ‘Kwa Giu’ (Watch Football), during the ‘last’ competitive football game at that time.

With 3 camcorders, Jacen and his team captured the emotions of the crowd during the AFC Cup final, where Singapore played Thailand. The game was an exceptional roller-coaster of excitement and the fans expressed overwhelming passion and swearing.

5 months later in June 2007, the closing down ceremony was held. Now, demolition plans are still nowhere to be seen, due to reasons like ‘recession’ and the forever-upcoming matches being planned.

Jacen has now decided to postpone the release of his film. “Kwa Giu was meant to serve as a tribute, and for people to remember Kallang. I feel that it will be best experienced after the stadium is gone,” he explains.

Local football fans remained divided over the issue. Tan Gu Gu, a random fan, is pleased that the stadium is still standing. “This means that I can still KWA GIU over and over again!”

Tan Si Mi, agedoesn’tmatter, was one of the 55,000 who attended the ‘closing’ ceremonEy in 2007. “I felt cheated big time!” said Tan, when reminded that he paid $15 for the match. “They always saying it’s the last match, bluff my feelings and emotion!”

Tan Ga Du Lan, another random fan, said: “I was even tempted to take a part of the stadium home with me! I saw people ripping benches off!”

“If the stadium is demolished next year, i tok!” swears Tan.

The release of the short Kwa Giu will be delayed until we finally see bulldozers at Kallang . Stay tuned to!

Members of Hosaywood: Stanley Huang


Stanley Huang tickled funny bones aplenty as the ‘cockster’ in Tak Giu. He also directed, wrote and starred in his own film, Pink Boy. We ask the natural-born comedian about his interests and thoughts on an acting career:

Give us a brief bio of yourself.
I’m currently a Multimedia Video Editor with SPH. I enjoy playing games. But my PC is too sucky to handle any high end games and I don’t own any game consoles. Loser hor?

What are some of your favorite films/ actors / plays?
Hot Fuzz. I think the editing is flawless. It’s fun to watch too!
I watched Lion King the musical when I was in London two years ago. I thought it was gonna be a kiddy show. But noooo…. Its was fantastic! They had life size animal structures with actors controlling their movements in them. Amazing act.

Tell us about your film Pink Boy.
Pink Boy was a group project when I was doing my BA. I dyed my socks, shoes and clothes pink as we didn’t have enough pink props. It was a cost saving measure too!

What are some interesting moments while filming Tak Giu?
I had a hard time doing the grass eating scene. Eat grass leh! The expression of mine during that scene was real. No needa act :S

What did you think of your role in Tak Giu?
The character is slightly like a cockster. I think I have no problem playing a cockster as I’m already one in real life. That must be the reason why Jacen wanted me in the film -_-

What do your friends think about your performance in Pink Boy? Any fans?
They were all excited to see me in Tak Giu and Pink Boy as they didn’t know I could act. My friends kept asking me to join Mediacorp -_-
When I won the Fresh Face award at the Canon DVfest, some gals asked if they could have a picture with me. I guess I had a few fans back then, haha.

What about a career in front of the screen (as an actor)?
I just like to have fun in front of the screen. I don’t think i wanna make a living out of it.

You seem to be equally comfortable onscreen and behind the screen. Any preference?
Being on screen is physically tiring. Being behind the screen is both physically and mentally tiring. I’m kinda lazy. So maybe I will just go with being just physically tiring onscreen. There’s no needa think so much heh.

Lastly, any projects of your own in the pipeline?
Maybe? Still at the ‘conceptualizing stage’.

Interviewed by Cyan. Watch Stanley get bullied in Tak Giu and Pink Boy.

Members of Hosaywood: Wesley Wong

Better known as Merlion Tan, Wesley Wong found fame with his convincing portrayal of a down-and-out wannabe filmmaker in Zo Gang & Zo Hee.

Trained in film & video production, Wesley was not considering a career in acting until his talent was unearthed in Zo Gang. He was even mistaken for a real lawyer by an audience member!

Read more about the man and his many passions:

Give us a brief bio of yourself?
I’m currently teaching video courses in Singapore Polytechnic. I love good movies, but generally wouldn’t mind bad ones, just for the experience of learning what NOT to do.

What are some of your favorite films/ actors / plays?
Too many to name for films and actors. But plays – in terms of plays (made into films) I like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and in recent memory “Closer”.

Why do you like films and filmmaking?
Visual, aural? Its all good! Movies are stories, which stem from life’s experiences. Without ups and downs, then we will have boring lives and so would the stories be.

Was it your first time as a lead actor in Zo Gang?
Probably, unless you count the time I was on a TV game show.

What did you think of the role?
Merlion Tan is sensitive to the local film scene. He needs inspirations to make his own film.

Tell me about your experiences during the filming process for Zo Gang & Zo Hee?
It was a fun time. Except it was tiring, like all shoots.

Any comments from your friends on your performance in Zo Gang & Zo Hee?
My girlfriend found it amusing, so much so that she commissioned the sequel of sorts, Zo Hee. That’s how we met. She ended up being in it too.

Any fans? Reaction from the local audience?
One audience came up to me after the screening once, and said that she had some legal questions, thinking I really was a lawyer! I wonder if that means the acting was good, or did it fail since it didn’t convince her that I was an actor portraying a role.

You also crewed for the films. Do you prefer being infront or behind the camera?
Being behind my own equipment seems more comfortable for me because I have practice. Acting worried me because I did not know how others were framing me and i felt that I did not have control.

You went for a film festival in Berlin where Zo Gang was screened. How was it?
It was a great tour with many of the finest new filmmakers around. We had fun. Was surprised that the Berlin audience could get some of the Singaporean jokes. I have always felt that comedy is the hardest to do, although I like to think I’m rather witty. Totally surprised at some of the jokes they reacted to.

Tell us what you are doing now?
Unfortunately teaching is taking up a huge chunk of my life right now. Not much time for anything else.

Interviewed by Cyan. Watch Wesley’s performance in Zo Gang here.