Kwa Giu (Watch Football) trailer

Experience the Kallang Roar from the eyes of 55,000 fans who packed the National Stadium at the AFC Cup Final on 31 Jan 2007.

Shot with roving camcorders, Kwa Giu (Watch Football) takes you right into the heart of the legendary atmosphere and spirit of the Kallang Roar, one which will be lost forever when the National Stadium is demolished.

Coming soon… when the stadium finally closes!

Singapore in World Cup 2010?

Sos Lions

The Singapore football team will soon play the most important matches in the history of local football. Having reached the third round of the World Cup qualifiers for the first time, they stand a good chance of achieving Goal 2010 (The country’s plan to reach the World Cup 2010, which nobody believed in and it was even scrapped).

Because of the upcoming group games in June 2008, FAS/SSC has decided to keep the National Stadium open for another few months/years, anticipating huge crowds to come support the Lions. But during last week’s friendly against Bahrain, only 5,000 fans turned up (it was 500 at time of kickoff, cos people have to rush down after Zo Gang). Maybe they can start the games later at 8pm to enable office crowd to get to the stadium in time.

How many times have I seen a ‘SOS for Kallang to roar’ article in the papers? I have resigned to the fact that fair-weather non-fans won’t turn up unless there’s a chance of winning something (Tiger AFC Cup finals, full house in Jan 2005 and Jan 2007). I estimate there are only 5,000 die hard Lions fans left in Singapore.

There was a closing ceremony match vs Australia in June 2007, and it wasn’t the last ever match in Kallang. Now speaking of last ever match, I’ve been hearing this for almost 4 years now. When will they decide to FINALLY have the last ever match? Many Singaporeans go ‘huh?’ when they hear there are games at Kallang again, ‘hasn’t it already closed?’

Kwa Giu (Watch Football) was filmed in Jan 2007 during the full-house Cup Final. I believe I managed to capture the last-ever full house crowd in Kallang. Believe me, when the stadium is filled, the atmosphere is intense. I will release the film when National Stadium finally closes. Otherwise I may bring a hammer.

But meanwhile, come support the Lions! Click here for details of Singapore vs Uzbekistan (2 Jun), Singapore vs Saudi Arabia (14 Jun).

The Garang Girls

Zo Peng rehearsals
(Mollie, Phyllis and Linda. Taken on July 2005)

A picture of the rehearsals for Zo Peng. I believe no other actresses would have played the characters better than these 3 ladies. They rehearsed very hard for 7 nights leading up to the shoot, which took 7 hours.

Zo Hee final cut

Zo Hee 2
Ah Tan bao-ga-liao (does everything himself) on his film set

Now working on the final final edit of Zo Hee. Zo Hee hasn’t been screened since its premiere in Dec ’07, so watch out for a leaner-meaner version soon. Next projected screening is Celebrate Drama at the Arts House in August.


‘Tora’! was a snack very popular in the 80s/early 90s. I remember looking forward to the secret toy inside the box, and the nice biscuit-centered chocolates.

Nowadays it’s still around! But it’s overpriced, and the chocolates taste like poo…

Tak Giu @ Sinema Showoff April

Tak Giu

Tak Giu (Kick Ball) will be showing at this month’s Sinema Showoff, Mondays 7pm (April 14, 21, 28). Also catch ‘Man With Camera’ by Daphne Tan, a documentary about local filmmakers which features behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Zo Gang’. Admission is free, so come along and Tak Giu on the big screen!

Back from Toronto Singapore Film Festival

Just came back from the 3rd TSFF in Toronto, Canada.
Toronto Singapore Film Festival 08
(Jacen and TSFF director Yeow Tong kena interview by Sun TV. Pic by Rebecca)

Together with local filmmakers Kelvin Sng, Chee Tian & Elgin, I had a really good time and was made to feel at home by many Singaporeans and Canadians there. Thank you TSFF peoples and audience!

There is also a Malaysia/Singapore radio program known as ‘Kampung Ku’, run by a Singlish speaking Ang-moh know as ‘Encik Daud’ and his Malaysian wife. Steady right?

Read coverage of TSFF at Movie Moxie, and see photos here by Leonard Adam.

Hosay lah!

This little Hosaywood ‘commercial’ sees people from all over the world saying “Hosay lah!” ‘Hosay’ = ‘Good’ in Singlish. Enjoy!